There are many factors when it comes to selling your services and who to sell your services to. And the process can be hard. But we believe that you could make a profit by selling Portable Axe Throwing to any business. Make more of a profit by adding more value to your business. We have three strategies that will allow you to sell your Axe Throwing services to almost any business in addition to the standard individual customers that are already into axe throwing. 

axe in wood

Team Building

With an Axe Throwing Lane, you have about 2-6 people throwing an axe at a target. The competition and encouragement between players allows them to connect as friends or family members. Investing in a rental Portable Axe Throwing Lane would allow more customers to come into your establishment and (going to the next level) allow bigger groups of people (business groups) to enjoy team building events.

Team building gets people communicating, getting to know your team and how they work, and having a great time. Host your team building events with a per hour rental. Make the money back with the per hour rental by getting those groups and letting them tell everyone about the great team building that they were able to do. And bring in more people. 


Appreciation Events

Everyone loves to be appreciated. Why not appreciate your customers, or even your employees? Hosting a big event with food and activities (we picture a sort of fair) with specific activities that you could charge for. And because it’s a great marketing tactic, it allows you to show appreciation by also giving a little bit of added value to the event. The customer appreciation events can have larger amounts of people with a per day fee. This is where a Portable Axe Throwing Lane comes into play. You could ask someone to manage it, and you’ll be able to make more profit while also adding value to whoever is attending your appreciation event.  


Social Media Campaigns 

Do you have any social media presence? You can generate new leads with social media campaigns (you can realistically generate hundreds up to a thousand or more new leads in a day for businesses). Campaigns show what you can offer or why anyone would want to be invested in your business. And those leads are potential new customers. 

You can sell this marketing service as a way to pay for a month of marketing services that brand the company, bring local awareness, or even by the number of leads. The business will pay you for marketing, and you manage gathering the leads contact information. As a result, you can even go further to do an email/sms campaign to generate new sales for them for long term customer follow up. 

Axe Pros marketing team, who manages their online marketing, provides complimentary consulting on how to use social media marketing to bring in individual customers or business clients. By marketing team building, appreciation events, and social media campaigns to potential clients, you can generate a lot more in sales and bring more opportunities for your business. The more tools you have in your bucket, the more successfully you can sell your axe throwing services. Businesses will love the opportunity to build their company’s moral and work relationships. Contact us to learn more on how we can help you grow and be successful!