Weddings, birthday parties, community events, and even corporate team building are gatherings that normally happen at all sorts of different locations. What if you could be the company to allow these gatherings to add an Axe Throwing Lane? Rental companies can add one more reason to bring more consumers to have a great time at any event! Axe Pros now have Portable Axe Throwing Lanes for rental companies!

Axe Throwing is a new and exciting sport and activity that is becoming more and more popular. It is definitely an activity and sport meant for anyone and everyone. Three things to know how to capitalize on this newer trend and increase sales with for your business.

Rise In Popularity

Axe Throwing is just an oversized game of darts. The competition, the skill of throwing, and the thrill of making a bulls-eye should entice anyone looking for a fun and friendly night out. Axe Throwing is rising in popularity. Axe Throwing is becoming a new trend and has a wide variety of people that participate. It’s becoming a widely known popular sport where people can gather to share their passion of axe throwing. We have Portable Axe Throwing Lanes to make it accessible for any event. There are many cities that don’t currently offer axe throwing, your business can be the go to source without the extra expense of having a stand alone location.

Add More Value For Your Customer

With all the different planning, facilities, food, and activities that any event rental company has to offer, Portable Axe Throwing Lanes can add more value to any event or party. Event rental companies do it all. Adding Axe Throwing for customers to “rent” or include into their party package will give them a better sense that your company really can do everything from weddings to corporate events. This might even make it easier for your customers to choose you again for their next event. Set up and take down is simple with Axe Pro lanes, within an hour you can be up and running. Make the great events and parties that you host even greater.

AxePros enclosed Pro Lane

Stand Out Among Competition

There are very few businesses (as of right now) that host Axe Throwing, even though it is becoming more and more prominent as a sport. What if you could bring Axe Throwing straight to your consumers? What would that do to your competitors in your area? You could be the only rental company to have Axe Throwing! It would definitely make you a more popular business to rent from. And the quick and easy set up makes for an easy “selling point” to those who are looking for renting activities.  We have customers who have lanes installed in their locations a few months ago and already have thousands of new customers. You can sell the sizzle for businesses and parties without even selling how popular it will be.

Take The Next Step With Axe Pros 

The question “Why Not?” really is a reason for any event rental company to invest in Portable Axe Throwing Lanes. Why not be the first one to offer the portable lanes? Not to mention, you can create your own FREE advertising on the potable trailer that you drag to each event. And since we are WATL affiliated, you have extra advertising because of how prominent the World Axe Throwing League is with the axe throwing community.

WATL world axe throwing league

Event rental companies should invest in Axe Throwing as soon as possible. AxePros has all the necessary tools and options to get you started. We are willing to schedule a time to meet with you and give you more information on how easy it is to set up and put away our portable lanes. Get in touch with us to see how we can help!