What is axe throwing?

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Axe throwing is a sport as old as time that is making a comeback in a big way.  It’s simple – throw an axe at a target. As long as there have been axes, somebody has been throwing them.  Axe throwing has a very long history and for many years it was forgotten, seen only at renaissance festivals or the odd campground but it has been gaining popularity since backyard axe throwers in Canada started bringing axe throwing back out of the dark pages of history and into modern entertainment venues.

Now that axe throwing has been found again there’s hardly a city of any size that doesn’t have a venue or two ready to meet the urge of the masses to throw an axe at a piece of wood to hear it stick with a satisfying thunk.  Axe throwing is regulated, standards have been put into place and it is generally accepted as a fun, safe, and enjoyable sport.

Axe throwers like us have been quietly enjoying the sport for decades, sharing only with those within our circles and we’ve had tons of fun.  Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we might as well share some of our secrets for success with you.

THings you should know

Choosing the right axe

Before you run out to the store and grab an axe off the shelf I’d encourage you to make sure it was made for throwing.  You CAN throw any axe but it doesn’t mean you should. Some axes are too blunt, some too heavy, ours are just right. Make sure you are comfortable with your axe and you can actually hold it, you don’t want to try to throw an axe you can barely lift.

The Correct technique

Too many people try to spin their axes by flicking their wrist when they throw, you don’t need to do that, the axe is heavier on the head so it will naturally spin itself.  Keep your wrist straight when you throw and you’ll see how well the axe spins itself. The movement is like throwing a ball or casting a fishing pole.

We have designed the best targets and axes and you’ll be surprised at how easy and how much fun it is to stick an axe in the target. There is just something empowering about holding an axe, taking aim, and hitting your target. A life skill that for some requires patience, but in the end…pays off every time. This sport is built for those who have confidence, need confidence, or just like flinging sharp objects at an unrelenting target.

The Right Target

When you throw an axe at a target you want to make sure the wood won’t bounce your axe back at you.  It’s important to make sure your target is soft. Experts everywhere agree that wetter is better. Our targets use green wood which is softer than kiln dried lumber but it still works best when they are wet.  Our angled targets give you a convenient location to store a water sprayer behind the targets for easy access to keep the targets nice and wet.

Axe throwing is fun, but is it safe?

Axe throwing is best done in a controlled environment like in our lanes or trailer to ensure your axes don’t leave the throwing area.  It is very important to make sure your target isn’t too hard or you risk having an axe bounce off the target and a good angle on the target helps with your safety as well.  Following a few simple rules will make axe throwing fun and safe like making sure you have close toed shoes and comfortable clothes. As long as you follow the rules you’ll have a safe and fun time.

Who throws axes?

Axe throwing is great but I don’t have a bushy beard and I forgot my flannel shirt.  Am I out of luck? No way! This is an all-inclusive sport that keeps bringing more and more diverse people into the arena.  If you’re tall or short, thin or rotund, old or young, male or female, this is the sport for you. This sport is inclusive, even many of the professional leagues do not differentiate between men and women or young and old in the arena, they are both on equal ground with zero handicaps or advantages for either, both being equally likely to win.

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