We, at AxePros, are officially a WATL builder! Do you know what that means? Our Axe Throwing Lanes are official and can be used for official Axe Throwing Competitions. Let’s talk about what this means for AxePros and what this means for your Bar & Grill. 

What is WATL?

The sport of axe throwing has been expanding throughout the world. Those at WATL (before organized) noticed that many indoor axe throwing venues followed similar practices and axe throwing rules. However, they noticed that there wasn’t any communication between the axe throwing clubs. 

Thus the need and creation of WATL. WATL stands for World Axe Throwing League. A place where all axe throwers could standardized rules and regulations for axe throwing. 


What This Means For AxePros

What does this mean for AxePros? We are official! If you invest in our Axe Throwing trailers you can host competitions and connect with other axe throwers. We have those connections to get you started in participating in WATL and competitions.

Because we are now WATL affiliated, you can host and compete in Axe Throwing Tournaments. Through tournaments, you will be able to meet so many new people that have the same interests as you. WATL’s goals are to create unity for axe throwers everywhere.

Axe throwing is more than just an experience, it’s also a competitive sport! Because AxePros is now affiliated with WATL, our lanes can show axe throwers that they are participating in a real sport.


What this means For Bars & Grills

As a Bar&Grill, adding an Axe Throwing Lane means new customers, new business, and new revenue. Axe Throwing is a lot like bowling alleys; the standard is a few lanes where groups of people get together to throw axes. It’s like darts, but more extreme.

Most places with axe throwing lanes have axe throwing professionals to help with axe throwing, give tips, and make sure everyone is being safe. Safety is a huge priority, and must be regarded as such. Here’s an idea of what most Bars & Grills do to make axe throwing a safe and fun experience.

Hosting WATL competitions will definitely drive business to your establishment and put you on the map. What business wouldn’t want that? AxePros is now WATL affiliated and ready and willing to set you up with our state of the art Axe Throwing Trailers. Just get in touch with us.  Call one of our Axe Throwing specialists and we can help you to really grow your business.