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With such a low investment and a high ROI, axe throwing is a no-brainer for your business.  You can implement axe throwing into nearly any business and make it work. We won’t re-write your business plan, but click below to see solutions for existing venues, mobile entertainment, and even start-ups

Family fun centers, Bowling alleys, Bars, Nightclubs, Campgrounds, RV parks, Gas stations, Restaurants, Theme parks, Museums, Zoos, Food Trucks, Fairs, Festivals, Breweries, Vineyards, Bed and Breakfasts, Shooting ranges, Rec centers, Theaters, Bounce house rentals, Renaissance festivals, Rodeos, and the list goes on

Existing Venues

If you’re looking for axe throwing in your place, first measure your space. Our lanes have an average footprint of 5’ wide and 20’ long with a 10’ ceiling. It is best to install lanes in pairs to keep couples and friends together and keep it fun. We’re happy to look at your diagrams to recommend the number and placement of axe throwing lanes for you or we can send an axe professional your way.


Fully enclosed, partially enclosed, mobile. Existing venues can get inside or outside lanes and often get a mobile axe throwing trailer to travel to events and bring even more customers back to their facility. This is an excellent way to advertise in a memorable and profitable way. If you don’t know where to start and you have the room, the best way to go is to get 4-6 lanes to start with and see how things go from there. You can always add more if space allows.

How do I get my axe lanes?

First, pick what you want. Axe lanes are manufactured as kits and they take 2-4 man hours per lane to install yourself.  Don’t worry, there’s no need for any concrete drilling or damage to your existing floors, we make it simple and can even send the tools for the job with the kit for an extra fee. Too busy making money elsewhere? No problem, we can install the lanes for you and include staff training.

Mobile Entertainment

Our trailers make axe throwing set up a snap.  Simple drive to the site, disconnect the trailer, level the back of the trailer, set your steps up, wet your target, fire up your POS machine, and you’re throwing before you know it.

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Getting started in business is hard but it can be easier with an Axe Pros system.  They’re safe, durable, and look amazing! Not to mention they are cash cows and get bring in a very high ROI.  You’ll be the talk of the town with one of our systems and the price is less than you think. If you are in need of capital to get your system we have financing available

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A member of our highly skilled axe throwing team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products or the sport of axe throwing.

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