Our Targets

Throwing axes is fun, but sticking axes is exhilarating!  Our patent pending targets have been redesigned and improved over 55+ years.  Since we’ve thrown so many axes, we found that there is a perfect angle for targets so our targets are at that angle to prevent poorly thrown axes reflecting back at throwers and to make it easier to stick axes. We also use green lumber so the axes stick better and the targets last significantly longer. We have developed the best system around to quickly and easily swap out target wood so when you do have to replace targets it only takes 2-3 minutes. We want our targets to be safe so we use thick protective rubber to protect the edges of the targets and to absorb impacts on the floor to prevent bouncing.


Green Lumber Targets

By using the green lumber of a 4×4 block, we have increased the life expectancy of the target by thousands of throws and sticks. We know that an investment that withstands the test of time is important for everyone that toes the line, with a sharp blade in hand.


Replacable Blocks

We took it a step further. Not only have we given you high-quality end grains to throw at, we also constructed the target so that as your bullseye wears out (because you are just that good) you can replace the inner blocks with the outer blocks. Again, extending the life of your target


Patented Design

We take our business very seriously, let’s face it….throwing an axe is aserious business. We have dedicated ourselves to absolute excellence. Our patented target only touches the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality. Our throwing lanes are built in such a way, to show the quality, and keep everyone safe while they “sharpen” their skills.

Quality Craftsmanship 
Axe Throwing

Each of our throwing lanes is hand constructed, inspected, and shipped with the utmost care and consideration before arriving at your home or place of business. 100% MADE IN THE USA. Hand made with you in mind.


  • 19 foot enclosed throwing lane
  • Patented long lastingtargets
  • Throwing lines for regulation
  • Mobile lanes for complete mobility
  • 3 throwing axes included
  • Axe hanging rack
  • Gate


  • Full Safety Features
  • Posted Code of Conduct and Rules
  • Ability to monitor activity from distance.
  • Ideal for small – very large spaces.
  • Low liability insurance coverage needed.
  • Highly popular pass time, with high rate of repeat business.

Get In Touch

A member of our highly skilled axe throwing team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products or the sport of axe throwing.

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