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Axe Pros is the industry leader in commercial axe throwing lane manufacturing and we bring all that professionalism to your backyard. Our home axe throwing target is an economical way to get the best axe throwing at your place. Every home target comes with two Axe Pros axes, the target frame, and target wood. It’s easy to set the target up and have a fun time in the backyard, campsite, or beach.

 We strive to make axe throwing both fun and safe so we are now offering axe catching nets as an accessory to go behind the targets to catch stray axes.  The nets are about 7’ tall and 7’ wide.

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A Leader in  Craftsmanship and Safety

Axe Pros founder Stan Checketts has been in the business of creating thrills, excitement, and fun in people’s lives. Working in the amusement park industry, as a visionary and developer of many rides, Mr. Checketts has

proven not only his ability to dream big, but provide experience in a safe way. As a personal passion project, Mr. Checketts developed the Axe Pros throwing lanes to exemplify his lifelong passion for throwing axes.

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