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Start Your Profitable Axe Throwing Business.


Starting a business can be difficult but with the high ROI of an Axe Pros system you’re sure to succeed.  With our Axe Throwing Trailers you can succeed by visiting fairs and farmers’ markets or renting your trailer to bars, nightclubs, fun centers, pumpkin patches, or any number of businesses to give them something extra special for their clients.  You can even make your mark on the city by providing trailer rentals exclusively for corporate events.

If you plan on having a brick and mortar building, our axe throwing lane kits will turn your facility into the hottest spot in town.  The kits bolt together quickly and make for instant fun. Everyone will be talking, tweeting, and posting about the good time they had in your axe throwing place.  If you’re more interested in something more mobile you can get our axe throwing trailer and be set up and ready to throw anywhere in minutes.

Better than DIY

Our Axe Throwing Trailers and Axe Throwing Lane Kits look great, they’re safe, and they’ll last for years to come, but did you know they are probably cheaper than building your own from scratch?  Whether you want an axe throwing trailer or a stationary lane, you want to make sure your customers are safe so you’re going to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on design, planning, materials and possibly a trailer frame to get your foot in the door then contractors or your labor costs will include dozens or even hundreds of man hours to cut and prep material and put everything together.  After your lane or trailer is put together you’ll want to finish it to prevent rust or weathering which will be costly and you still need to make sure it will be covered by insurance or licensed by the DMV since you built it yourself. This all eats into your profits. Why not get the best and save yourself time and money?


  • Experience: When you get an Axe Pros axe throwing lane or trailer, you get 55 years of research and product development, 55 years of trying all the wrong things until we find out what works.  We’ve done all the legwork to get the best targets and axes so you can reap the benefits.
  • Operational Guidelines: We don’t leave you in the dark, we can provide you with operational guidelines and access to information from existing businesses about what works and what doesn’t.
  • Fast Setup: You’ll be the king of the fair with our trailers since you can pull into the venue, set up shop, and start throwing with a world class axe throwing lane in just minutes. Our stationary units come together in 2-4 man hours with no concrete drilling or damage to existing floors so you’ll be throwing in no time.
  • No Renovation: No concrete drilling is needed to install our axe throwing lane kits, they do not damage existing floors at installation.
  • Interior or Exterior Sites: Our lanes kits can be installed inside with a burnt-wood finish or outside in an exterior weather resistant stain.
  • Regular Customers: Many venues would love to incorporate axe throwing but lack the space so they will become your most dedicated customer base and will probably want to book for certain days every week when they see how well it does for them.
  • Great Advertising: Even if you have a brick and mortar facility, with an Axe Pros Axe Trailer you can bring your business to your clients and encourage them to come see your facility.
  • Financing: We get that as a start-up, you do not yet have a cash flow so we have partnered with Ascentium Capital to provide financing for your lanes or trailer in a quick and easy process.

Which to choose?

Picking your axe throwing solution is hard to do so why not pick both a trailer and stationary lanes?  What better way to ensure the success of your business than to operate a brick and mortar axe throwing facility and also have a trailer to get you all over town taking advantage of multiple venues and events all the while steering people back to your brick and mortar you’ll be making money while you advertise!  Axe throwing is a popular and very profitable venture and you will be thrilled with how successful you can be.

Our trailers feature:
  • Complete powder coated tubular steel frame
  • Stained and finished exterior face wood
  • Powder coated steel welded wire safety walls
  • Dual torsion axles
  • Mag wheels
Trailers dimensions are:
  • 25’ long to the tongue
  • 11’10” tall
  • 8’4” wide
  • 3700 lbs
Trailers come with:
  • 2 targets
  • 6 axes
  • Jack stands
  • Door to enter the lanes
  • Social media kit
  • Rubber under targets to prevent axe bouncing
  • Steps to enter the trailer
Optional Accessories:
  • Weather resistant cover
  • LED lighting package
  • Powder coated steel welded wire lane divider wall
  • Throwing rugs with lines to indicate distance
Our lane kits feature:
  • Powder coated welded wire steel safety walls
  • Durable construction
  • Safety walls including walls behind the thrower to ensure maximum safety
Lane kits come in pairs and dimensions are:
  • 10’ wide
  • 20’ long
  • 10’ tall
Lane kits come with:
  • 2 targets
  • 6 axes
  • Social media kit
  • Rubber under targets to prevent axe bouncing
Optional Accessories:
  • Weather resistant cover
  • LED lighting package
  • Doors
  • Ceiling
  • Powder coated steel welded wire lane divider wall
  • Throwing rugs with lines to indicate distance

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