About Us

About Us

That nudge at the F2FEC conference has brought about amazing results with the birth of Axe Pros.  With so many years of research and development under our belt, Axe Pros started out with more experience than any other axe throwing venue or manufacturer that we are aware of.  We designed the safest and most beautiful lanes but the lane itself was only part of the journey, just the wrapping on the package really.

Axe Pros had several designs for targets and with our Axe-pert team of throwers we started trying to break the targets to see where we could improve our design until we were satisfied and the clear winner emerged.  The Axe Pros target is far superior to any other target on the market because it has an angle that is more likely to catch axes, more than that, the target uses green wood which prevents axes from bouncing off kiln dried, hardened wood.  Axe Pros had tackled the target issue and applied for patents on our unique design since it truly is the best axe target in the world and people are amazed at how easy it is to stick an axe.

After tackling targets it was time to pick an axe.  Our Axe-pert throwers threw all sorts of axes, everything you can buy at the store made its way into the shop to be tested and the rejects that were too heavy, too flimsy, or  too off-balance ended up in the rapidly growing reject bin until we decided to have own axes made since hardware store axes just didn’t cut it. Using a lightweight axe, we found people could easily throw and stick and axe in the target.  Rather than hurling a heavy axe with both hands and a warcry, use an Axe Pros axe. With one hand or two, Axe Pros axes throw as easy as tossing a ball or casting a fishing line.

Axe Pros has built easy to assemble axe throwing lane kits along with targets and axes that pass the Axe Pros rigorous tests for safety and quality and we at Axe Pros are proud to present the best axes, targets, and axe throwing lanes in the industry.  We not only produce the best axes, targets, and lanes in the world, we have amazing axe throwers working with us to continually improve o ur lanes and targets and to travel the country with our trailers to ensure our name gets out to everyone.



Our Roots

Stan Checketts started throwing axes and building axe throwing targets over 55 years ago and he’s where our story begins.  He built targets for his friends and neighbors and had several for himself at his home. Stan has a recreation center at his home complete with racquetball courts, bowling alleys, tennis, and several other fun activities but everyone always gravitates to the axe throwing.

Stan made a name for himself by inventing and building thrill rides such as the drop rides that take you straight up and drop you, multi-passenger ziplines, he even designed and built the famous Terror Dactyl ride in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Stan is very well known for his incredible safety record and people in the industry just know that if Stan does it, he will do it right.

A few years ago at the F2FEC conference Stan was told that he needed to tackle the sport of axe throwing and make something safe that those in the entertainment industry could be proud of.  It seemed like a joke at first, Stan had been throwing axes for over 55 years and some of his targets are about 30 years old and still taking axes but he never thought to make it into a business.

Stan has spent hundreds of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars inventing and building axe throwing lanes.  Many of the first iterations of axe throwing lanes found their way to backyards as chicken coops, goat runs, or rabbit hutches as Stan declared them to be inferior and scrapped the design.  After countless iterations over many years Stan had done it. He had finally come up with a design he felt comfortable marketing, something that was truly safe.

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A member of our highly skilled axe throwing team will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding our products or the sport of axe throwing.

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