Axe Throwing is meant for anyone and everyone of all ages. So it would only stand to reason that Fun Centers should have Axe Throwing too. Birthday parties, date nights, family outings, and even corporate team building are gatherings that normally happen at locations that are family friendly. Adding an Axe Throwing Lane will just add one more reason to bring the family to have a great time.

Axe Throwing is a new and exciting sport and activity that is becoming more and more popular. Even through Axe Throwing is something new, it is definitely an activity and sport meant for anyone and everyone. We have come up with five reasons why Fun Centers should invest in Axe Throwing.

New Customers

As a Fun Center, you literally bring “FUN” to your community. Throwing in a new attraction or activity, and your business is bound to bring in new customers. Throw in a rapid growing sport and activity like Axe Throwing and new customers will show up. It’s just a no-brainer. 

With that said, all your new customers will be able to see that your Fun Center is the place to be (especially if you are adding Axe Throwing to your business). Most likely, Axe Throwing will be new to most people, which brings word-of-mouth marketing opportunities (a little bit more about this later) to your current establishment causing a rise in more new customers. 

Rise In Popularity

Axe Throwing is just an oversized game of darts. The competition, the skill of throwing, and the thrill of making a bulls-eye should entice anyone looking for a fun and friendly night out. Axe Throwing is rising in popularity. Axe Throwing is new and has a wide variety of people that participate. It’s becoming a widely known popular sport where people can gather to share their passion of axe throwing. (We have specialized equipment to make it easy for everyone to enjoy!)

Don’t believe us? Read what USA Today had to say about Axe Throwing.

Stand Out Among Competition

There are very few businesses (as of right now) that host Axe Throwing, even though it is becoming more and more prominent as a sport. What if your Fun Center was the very first to host Axe Throwing in your area? What would that do to your competitors in your area?

It would definitely make you a more popular place to be. Creating your own tournaments and your offering your own prizes will definitely make you the “talk of the town” and draw in many customers. Those that participate will be hooked and become regulars.

WATL Creates Marketing Opportunities

AxePros has recently paired up with WATL. WATL stands for World Axe Throwing League. Those at WATL (before organized) noticed that many indoor axe throwing venues followed similar practices and axe throwing rules. However, they noticed that there wasn’t any communication between the axe throwing clubs. Thus the need and creation of WATL. A place where all axe throwers could standardized rules and regulations for axe throwing.

They have already done a lot of marketing for their own leagues and tournaments, like hosting tournaments on ESPN. So becoming an affiliate with them and having an official WATL location will let you take advantage of some of their hard work. A Fun Center being involved with a WATL Tournament could get your establishment on the up-coming new trend and host Tournaments with them putting you on the map. People will come, participate, and tell their friends!

WATL world axe throwing league

Why Not?

Yes. The question “Why Not?” is really a reason your Fun Center should invest in Axe Throwing. Would Axe Throwing bring in new customers to play a new sport? Why not put the new and upcoming trending sport into your establishment? Why not be the first one to do so, and in so doing creating your own FREE word-of-mouth marketing that will bring even more people to YOUR Fun Center?

These questions should be pretty easy to answer. All Fun Centers should invest in Axe Throwing as soon as possible. AxePros has all the necessary tools and options to get you started. We are willing to schedule a time to meet with you and give you more information on how we can help your Fun Center grow. Get in touch with us to see how we can help!