So you want to get more out of your Axe Pros Throwing Lanes? There is always a reason behind a customer and their purchase, you as a business owner just have to figure out what that reason is. We want you to be successful as you pursue this journey in Axe Throwing and we want you to be able to keep bringing in customers. That’s why we have come up with three more ways that you can get the most out of your Axe Pros Throwing Lanes.


Winning Something…

Everybody likes to win prizes. When you go to any arcade, you try and get as many tickets as you possibly can, so that you can get the best or the most sought out prize. The goal is winning something. Your customers are willing to spend money to win a prize of any kind. Let’s apply this concept to your Axe Pros Throwing Lane. Say your customer gets three bulls eyes and if they do, they win something such as a free Axe Throwing Session, some kind of swag, or anything that has to do with you customer really wanting to win that prize. Your customers will come in just to win those prizes and they keep telling their friends and your business will keep growing. 


Think Vegas

Have you ever been to Las Vegas before? The bright lights, big city, and large places to eat food, gamble, and have a great time. Consumers keep coming back for the experience. It’s what they experience while they are in Las Vegas that keeps them wanting more. So why not “create” a bigger experience for those who come axe throwing? Maybe not the gambling, but adding an experience while your customers will bring them to want to come back and keep coming back. Adding primere options like food or maybe an arcade will keep the consumers coming and let them have a memorable experience. 



Motivation can be described as you as the business owner being focused on finding the needs and desires of your consumer base and then acting based on those observations. You need to find out what your customers want. This could be things like becoming more involved on social media, conducting a customer survey, or even just asking participants as they are throwing axes, what they would like to see to improve their experience. The fact that the customer knows that you want to know how to complete their axe throwing experience will only show your customers that you are ready and willing to motivate them to come and have a great time. 


So you want to get more out of your Axe Pros Throwing Lanes? Then you need to start thinking outside of the box. Get to know your customers and those potential customers around your area. Axe Pros marketing team, who manages their online marketing, provides complimentary consulting on how to use social media marketing to bring in individual customers or business clients, and you could try some of these tactics to learn about your customers.

Start getting creative as you come up with new ways to bring in business for Axe Throwing. We only listed three, but there is so much more potential when it comes to selling a fun experience for your customers. If you’re looking for more ideas, or just want to know more about Axe Throwing, get in touch With Axe Pros. We are ready and willing to help you become that really successful Axe Throwing Business in your community. Just let us know where we can help!