The 3 Ways Bar and Grills Are Using Axe Pros Throwing Lanes To Increase Local Exposure, Find New Customers and Increase Sales

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Are you ready to make an investment for your business that will bring in more crowds than you can handle? Be the first business in your area to invest in axe throwing and bring something #new and #exciting for everyone to enjoy!

Plus as an added bonus, you can schedule a free consultation to see specifically how your business can benefit!

3 Ways Bars and Grills Are Using Axe Pros Lanes and How You May Be Able To Benefit! 

Axe Throwing is a new and exciting sport and activity that is becoming more and more popular. 

Even though Axe Throwing is something new, it is definitely an activity and sport worth investing in.  It is growing in popularity fast and you can take advantage of it.

1. Grow Your Business With New Customers 

With a growing new trend that’s already well known, the old “If you build it they will come” can happen for you. It will bring in new sales that are already familiar with axe throwing or even the World Axe Throwing League (WATL).

Now if axe throwing is new to your town, potential customers will see this and will want to try it out. This brings marketing opportunities to your current business and to your new attraction, causing an increase in your customer base.

Fun note: Each new customer can be worth at least $12,000 to a restaurant because not only will they return they will also refer at least five friends, one of which on average will be a life long customer. 

2. New Revenue With Existing Customers

IKEA has furniture and meatballs and any Bar and Grill has food and sports (and sometimes games). It’s something that always keep customers coming. And it’s something that your business could offer too.

Whatever it is that your current customers love, they seem to keep coming back to you. Give them an added value to come back regularly.

Imagine if you gave them an additional option to stay, pay for games and bring groups of their friends along for the fun.

How much additional sales could that bring if only 5% of your customers took advantage of an axe-throwing lane?

3. Standing Out Among Competition

Not many businesses have Axe Throwing Lanes, but that is starting to change.

Could you be the first? Do the research for yourself, does any other businesses in your vicinity have Axe Throwing? Now compare that to how many other bar and restaurants there are nearby. Is that a possible opportunity? We can help you determine that.

Word of mouth marketing is vital for bars, restaurants and places people go to play for fun.

You can stand out in the everyday conversations, a value worth thousands of dollars of advertising per month.

You can even offer new customer specials that include drinks and food, birthday packages that bring in large parties, team building experiences for corporate events, and the list goes on.

You can start leagues that work hand in hand with WATL (World Axe Throwing League). 

How We Help

Axe Pros have perfected throwing lanes that keep both you and your customers safe, designed specialty targets & axes that allow the axes to stick which encourages customers to keep playing. This makes it simple enough to get your business up and running fast, and to get a return on your investment easily.

In short, we take the guesswork out of axe throwing for you, saving you the headache and even money.

We offer free consultations that are convenient for your schedule, to provide you with the needed information to see if this is a good fit for your business.

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